We Guarentee Home Remodeling Companies

10+ Meetings with Ideal Customers Every 30-Days

☑ Pay-per-show basis

☑ No setup fees

☑ Guarenteed ROI

How we Guarantee you an ROI

Why you'll 100% see a positive return on investment in our system

Performance Based Growth

We're so confident in our system we work exclusively on a pay-per-appointment basis and only invoice for conducted meetings

No Guesswork

We only have one system which we’ve painstakingly dialed in over hundreds of hours. If it works for our clients and if you’re a good fit, it will 100% work for you too

No Risk To You

If we don’t get you 20 meetings with ideal customers in 120 days, we’ll simply hand you back our service investment, no questions asked.

x19Average Customer ROI


Average New Projects a Month

11+Extra Meeting with Ideal Customers

We Get you...

Black Buffalo’s goal was always to help home remodelling companies get more customers and scale as seamlessly as possible. After working with 10s of companies we quickly realised that the home renovation space has a tonne of tire kickers and price shoppers…

On top of that the home remodeling company owners are absolutely snowed under with running the day to day buinsess.

So we wanted to build a company that alleviated those two major problems…

Buffalos story isn’t the most romantic tale in the world, however, it’s built around 100% and complete understanding of our clients struggles and then creating what we think is the perfect solution to help them grow and scale

Our System

Running a Home Remodeling company is a tough graft, we completely appreciate you simply haven’t got the time to invest in generating and calling leads all day... Which is why we do everything for you...

We Find Potential Customers For You

We’ll find potential customers by utilising your social media accounts, this way we can build your brand awareness as well as bring you exclusive leads

We Book The Meetings For You

We’ll call every single lead to qualify them to your requirements and then only book those ready-to-go into your calendar for a meeting

You Only Speak with Qualified Homeowners

We qualify all leads twice before you even speak with them. Any leads who don’t fit your requirements or we feel aren’t a good fit, we won’t book. You’ll never have to speak with price shoppers or tire kickers again...

All leads are 100% exclusive to you...

Selling Made Easier

As we call all the leads on your behalf, we’ll spend some time gaining rapport and ‘warming’ them. This means when you have a meeting they’ll have more trust and warmth towards you and the company which makes the sale a breeeeze

This is All we Do

We only have One System and only work in One Industry. Helping home remodelers grow succesful companies and scale seamlessly is all we know (which is why we post daily content on it 👇)

Our goal is to be the #1 Authority in the home remodeling space by over delivering again and again.

100%Money Back Policy


Exclusive Leads

100%ROI Guaranteed

Customer Results

If you're looking to really scale your home remodelling company then take a look at these recent results

Cabinet Warehouse received 402 leads and 152 Meetings in 7 months

Cabinet Warehouse

Olive and Barr received 215 leads and 84 Meetings in 5 months

Olive and Barr

Lucas Grant Kitchens received 103 leads and averaged an extra £40k per month

Lucas Grant Kitchens

On average our clients will convert 6/10 meetings we bring into customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the leads exclusive to me?

Yes, absolutely. We generate all leads through your companies social media accounts, this way we can boost your brand's awareness by upwards of 1000 people a day too

Do you have any contracts? 

No, we don't. However, you have to give every marketing campaign a fair crack, so we only partner with companies who are committed to giving it atleast 120 days. Results get better in time, you have to give it a chance

How long does it take to start working?

We've booked appointments in as little as 5-days after the campaign starting, however this isn't guaranteed. We'll bring you between 5-12 appointments within your first month

Does this work for every home remodeling company?

No, there are certain requirements that need to be met for this campaign to work optimally, for example how big your team is, how big your service area is, how dialed in your sales process is etc. We only want this campaign to work for our clients, if we feel it's not a good fit for you we won't take you on. Instead we'd recommend watching our content to get more leads through other avenues!

How much does it cost?

Annoying answer coming up... I don't know at this point. It's a bit like if someone said to you 'How much for a new kitchen?' We need more info - first we need to know what specific customers and projects you're looking for and then we can give you an exact answer on the call (we'll get you an ROI of between 10-19x though)

Can you do commision on converted deal?

Some times, in some cases (but not many). The main reason is marketing and sales are two different skills. If we do everything right and book ideal customers for a remodeling company, but they're late, rude, over-quote or just aren't up-to-scratch at selling, then we don't get paid a penny for delivering what is expected of us

The whole point of the call is just to work out if we can 100% help you. No slimy sales tricks. No pushy salesman. Just a friendly chat. Whatever the outcome of the call we’ll uncover the exact process we use to get 5 customers a month for our clients which you’re more than welcome to pinch for yourself